Day 11. May 31.

today we have a huge amount of elevation drop mostly on trails of varying quality. Next town we’re going to get to tonight is at 7,000 ft.

just after we break camp in the morning
Tyler looking stoic.

we have to push our bike for miles. Because the big rocks and the steep terrain doesn’t let us ride until we get about halfway down the trail.

finally riding a bit. Cute bridge.
beautiful views down valley. We still have miles and miles to go.
that narrow slot was the canyon we exited. Now we’re out in the farm fields and back on roads.

Just a few miles of downhill riding and we arrive in the city of Caraz. That brings our trail riding in Peru to an end. Tomorrow will start another biking segment but all dirt roads. We actually have three good options to go from where we are now to the coast. One reasonable, one hard, one extremely hard. That choice will be made very soon, stay tuned! Any guesses…?

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