Day 6, part ii.

Tyler Smallwood put together this crazy ensemble of a track we’re doing our best to follow. It was loosely based on a few trip reports he found on line. Then a bunch of map scanning and satellite imagery scanning. So far it’s been pretty top-notch. Of course the trails have been hard going 70 to 80% of them push the bikes. But when we get a nice downhill trail ride it’s pretty rewarding. And if you’re going to travel close to the real mountains like we are, you have to expect some rugged trail conditions. One stretch in The Cordillera Huayhuash in fact was so rugged they wouldn’t take the mules over it. Tyler and I managed to be the mules for our bicycles on that pass.

Acopalca final town before next wilderness trail experience. Oh, stair climb too. Tyler hoofing it.

road riding in Peru is fun. A lot of the roads are in good gravel condition. They don’t have an overwhelming amount of traffic. And the traffic we do see is actually quite respectful. And Peru is not known for a relaxed driving culture. Nonetheless this afternoon we’re ditching towns and tarmac. We’re heading off on a 22 mi trail route that Tyler discovered via a vague trail report. Should be interesting stay tuned…

Few, just made it in the nick of light

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